SPECIAL edition - OnePintNormalSaline x FA collaboration

This idea came out from #FAteam as we are loving the cartoons jokes made by OPNS. Don't think we're only ones whom loved their ridiculously related in a funny way reflecting hospital life in Malaysia.

Thus we came out to produce a limited edition scrubs. With finest choice of material to make sure its exclusive yet combining both identity. Indeed it was fun & easy sailing for us.

Here we present OPNSxFA scrubs with our new latest design.
This is a COMBO pack . The 1st batch consists of Scrub TOP comes with their original BOOK full of funny cartoon scriptures only by OPNS :)

NOW we're RESTCOKING 2nd batch only for M & L
sizes. And the combo pack consist of OPNSxFA with their famous LANYARD :)

Material : Two tone viscose. Some say it blue, some will say it grey. :)

Details : Double chest pcoket, arm pen pocket, 2 front pockets.
              Pager slit inside right pocket.

Sizes   : UNISEX , XS-XXL
       Note- If in our normal scrubs your wearing M ladies =S OPNS, and so goes on. For Mens cut will be same. 

Collar : 'V' neck is secured and easily to slit on although the 'v' closes the chest perfectly. Say no more to inside layers !
And of course we chose the 'STAT' cartoon. Our most favourite behind located at your latisimus dorsi perfectly :)
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