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  • FA Key chain Tape
    The tape is in white colour with FA signatures printed logo. Comes with key chain. Must have & practical for usage in obgyn postings or others related.

    • Inches & centimetres measurement dual side
    • Size of tape : 4cm in diameter
  • FA Suture Kit | NEW
    This suture kit promises you its exclusive detailings. The tools are customised printed with FA logo . Mean while the leather casing is water proof yet making it look so exclusive for a gift.

    THIS NEW upgraded version provides 3 new additional items and improvements on the skin pad soft texture according to international standard.

    Not just that the items inside is worthy every falabies. Here are the items inside :


    • 1 Nontooth forcep
    • 1 Toothed forcep (Newly added)
    • 1 Blade handle 
    • 1 Artery 
    • 1 Suture scissors
    • 1 Pack 'eyed' needle - 9-11 needles inside various size 
    • 1 Blade 
    • 1 Blade cap (Newly added)
    • 1 Wire (Newly added)
    • 1 Roll silk suture ~ 10meters
    • 1 Double layer skin pad (improved) 
    Even greater you may also engrave printing of your names or desired word on the kit casing. Perfect for a gift or to preventing loss. 

    Example of engraving :

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  • Mini rounded tendon hammer (THround)
    This is a smaller version from our previous collection. The diameter head is smaller but the metal plate area is bigger so it's much heavier , thus flimsier .

    Round headed tendon hammer.
    Able to be dettached from handle

    lenth of handle: 31cm
    material : flexible plastic 

    head : 4 cm
    material : side covered by soft rubber
    Out Of Stock
  • Tuning fork 512hz
    This tuning fork set comes with a rounded head rubber knocker. We are selling the 512hz vibration only . It also comes with a black velvet sachet . 

    This is a must have specially for physiotherapist & medical student for neurological examination.
    Out Of Stock
  • FA Tendon Hammer Triangle (THtriangle)
    Tendon Hammer customised with FA own prints . The head is soft rubber gripped by metal handle. 
    Easily handled to be inserted inside the pocket. 
  • Tendon Hammer Triangle (THtriangle)
    Tendon Hammer #FAMedicalItems
    Out Of Stock
  • Optical Pupil Diameter Ruler

    An important tool for ophthalmologist, optometrist field for students or profession.
  • Goniometer Set

    This set of Goniometer comprises of 2 sizes which is small & medium joint measuring. An important item for #FAlabies for occupational therapist , physiotherapist & orthopaedics Sports team.
  • FA lanyard
    Releasing FA very first lanyard. Designed heat transferred on polyester material .
    Comes with hook , no clips that easily breaks off. 
    The lanyard is also sew at bottom to prevent any tear.
    A must have for all #falabies :)
  • FA Pregnancy Wheel- Contraception (2 sided)
    Fa pregnancy wheel is used to calculate the date & age of the fetus. Meanwhile at the back part we have compiled the types of basic "must know" contraception. It useful from students till senior practise.

    The compilation was done under supervision and discussion with Medical Officers majoring in OBGYN in our local hospital. 

    Otherwise we promise you the quality of the wheel ; thick and precise.
    and the top part is made of think plastic.

  • FA Pentorch - 3 in 1 LED white light
     FA pentorch  3 in 1 function is practical for all Falabies. The 3 functions are:
    •  LED white light
    - 3 small cell button batteries making the pen light
    •  Touch pad at the end point of pen for any smartphones screen.
    • Ball pen refill : black colour
     - Able to be replaced with purchase of new pen lead refill

    The pen comes a plastic tube casing making it perfect for any gifts .

  • FA USB Torch- Yellow light

     FA USB Torch is the way to saving your time replacing batteries. Its easy & rechargeable with power bank to go. Especially during your busy tight schedule.

    The #fausbtorch comes inside a proper metal casing & provided with USB wire. Advantages the light diameter grows bigger with further distance from focused object without dim.

    How to charge the pentorch?
    Just attach at the end corner with the usb wire to powerbank. A blue light will appear and indicating is charging. 

    The pen comes a metal casing with our engraved logo making it perfect for any gifts .

  • FA rounded tendon hammer
    Round headed tendon hammer with customized FA logo printing.
    Able to be dettached from handle

    lenth of handle: 35cm
    material : flexible plastic 

    head : 6.5 cm
    material : side covered by rubber
  • Pentorch
    #FAMedicalItems - Pentorch

    The light colour is yellow.
    Equipped with markings of diameter of pupil & mini ruler for reference. 
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